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ActionScript Refactoring

Features of Amethyst Professional
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 7 June 2010.

Amethyst Professional provides a similar range of refactorings to those provided as standard for C#.

You can:

- Rename identifiers
- Extract a block of code into a new method
- Encapsulate a field (auto-generate getters/setters)
- Extract an interface from a class
- Promote a local variable to a parameter
- Remove parameters
- Reorder parameters
- Move a class into a new package

Refactoring takes care of rewriting code that calls the refactored elements - so, for example, if you move a class to a new package, the required directories on disk be automatically created and code that refers to the class will be rewritten to refer to the new package.

I’ve just uploaded a video to show the main refactoring options. View it below or (in higher definition) view it on YouTube.

We now have a number of video tutorials to Amethyst, ActionScript and Ruby. For the full list, go to The SapphireSteel Software Video Tutorial Index.

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