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Ruby In Steel 2 Launch!

Ruby development in Visual Studio 2010
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 2 August 2011.

Ruby In Steel 2 launches today....

The new version of Ruby In Steel Professional provides a powerful integrated Ruby and Rails development environment for Visual Studio users. It can be installed either into a commercial edition of Visual Studio 2010 or into a free ‘Shell’ edition of Visual Studio. Users who don’t own a commercial edition of Visual Studio can make use of our all-in-one installer to simplify the installation of the VS 2010 Shell, a Ruby interpreter and Ruby In Steel.

This video gives an overview of installing Ruby In Steel 2 using the all-in-one installer...

Ruby In Steel 2 provides...

- The fast ‘drill-down’ Cylon Debugger with conditional breakpoints, watch variables, call-stack and more
- Powerful editing with Ruby code coloring and formatting
- IntelliSense
- Auto-expanding snippets plus a snippet editor
- Code navigation tools (Nav Bars/Go To Definition etc.)
- Integrated Ruby and IRB consoles
- Support for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
- Class library navigation (The Ruby Explorer)
- Tight integration into Visual Studio 2010
- Integrated Rails development tools

Ruby In Steel 2 is available for $249. Registered users of Ruby In Steel 1 may apply for a special upgrade price by contacting SapphireSteel Software (please supply your registered user name and serial number).

Ruby In Steel 2 Professional is available for a 60 day free trial period. After the 60 day period you may buy a license to unlock the full features Ruby In Steel 2 Professional. Alternatively, you may opt to downgrade the software to Ruby In Steel 2 Personal Edition. The Personal Edition provides support for Ruby project creation and editing but it does not support advanced features such as IntelliSense and the Cylon Debugger.

For more information see: The Ruby In Steel Product Page and Features List

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