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Sapphire - Overview

The only professional Ruby development tool for Visual Studio, Sapphire 3 has powerful analytical IntelliSense, the fast ‘Cylon’ debugger, syntax-sensitive editing and a visual user-interface designer.

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Here we provide a brief overview of just a few of the major features of Sapphire...


Sapphire’s ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger provides...

- Speed

The ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger

Ruby and Rails debugging is notoriously slow. Not any longer. Sapphire’s Cylon debugger blazes through your code.

- Breakpoints and Tracing

Step through your code

Step into/step-out/step-over code in Ruby and Rails applications.

- Hover and Drill-down

Drill-down debugging

Drill-down debugging lets you look inside objects and expand arrays and hashes in the docked debugging windows, in the code editor or even right inside the interactive Ruby console!

Docked debug windows

- Conditional Breakpoints

Add conditions in Ruby code

Break when a condition (a test of one or more values) is met.

Other debugging features:
- Tracepoints
- Break on exception
- Break on hitcount

The debugger is supported by a range of tools and windows including:
- Watch
- Locals
- Autos
- Quick Watch
- Breakpoints
- Call Stack.

Visual Design

Sapphire 3 lets you create visual user interfaces for your Ruby programs just by dragging and dropping controls from a toolbox.


Sapphire provides extensive syntax-aware editing for Ruby.

- Code Coloring and Code Folding

Code coloring and folding

The code editors provide customizable coloring - even for Ruby code embedded into Rails Erb templates. Code folding operates on classes, modules, methods, if blocks and many other constructs - including user-defined collapsible regions...

- Bracket and Keyword/end Matching

Keyword..end matching

Opening and closing brackets are highlighted. A keyboard shortcut lets you move you cursor between brackets or Ruby keyword/end pairs such as class...end and def..end.

Sapphire also has...

Snippets with ‘edit points’

- Snippets that auto-generate code blocks

Ruby and ERb Snippet editor

- A Snippet editor to let you create your own snippets without coding
- Smart or Block indenting to auto-align align your code
- Automatic code formatting (a selected block or an entire document)
Plus all the editing features you would expect such as multi-level undo/redo, bookmarks and split-window editing.


Sapphire offers unparalleled analytical code completion and navigation tools for Ruby.

- Fast Code Completion Analyzes Code As It Is Written

Drop-down lists provide relevant and accurate information on the methods that are available to objects and classes.

‘Local scope’ (Common) code completion

Documentation hints...

Tooltip provides information

Code completion is automatically triggered by a dot after an identifier and by the double-colon :: scope resolution operator. Completion lists may also be triggered by CTRL-Space. The IntelliSense engine analyzes code as it is written and updates completion lists as appropriate.

Tools and Wizards

Docked or floating consoles

Context-sensitive Navigation Bars

- Drop-down Navigation Bars over the editor for fast code navigation

Manage projects in the Solution Explorer

Sapphire projects are managed from the Visual Studio Solution Explorer. You can simply create, import or convert Ruby and Rails projects as well as add, move and delete files and folders. Sapphire is fully configurable (colors, tab and formatting options etc.).

For more details, refer to The Feature List.

Minimum Requirements: Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or 2013 Professional Edition or above; alternatively, install a free Ruby-language copy of the Visual Studio Shell (see the Sapphire Installation Guide).

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