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Support for SapphireSteel Software products

This page describes the options for obtaining Support for SapphireSteel Software products.

SapphireSteel Software offers the following types of free support to registered users of its products. Please note: No support is provided to users of any of our free ‘Personal Edition’ software products.

- The Forum

The SapphireSteel Software forum is our principal support area. Here you may discuss the software, ask questions, make comments and post feature requests.

- Direct Contact

If you need assistance on any subject which cannot be resolved in the forum, you may contact SapphireSteel Software via the Contact page on the web site. Please be aware that response time for contact made in this way is typically longer than via the forum.

More Sources of Information...

- The Forum (this is the place to ask technical questions)
- Amethyst Tutorials
- Amethyst Online Help
- Ruby In Steel Tutorials
- Ruby In Steel FAQ
- Getting Started With Ruby In Steel (this is vital for Ruby In Steel users!)

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