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Amethyst 2 is a powerful Flash Platform development environment for Visual Studio 2012 and 2010. To create a Flash or Flex application using Amethyst 2 Ultimate you can simply drag components from the Toolbox into the Amethyst Designer, double-click to auto-create an event handler, add some code then run or debug.

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Amethyst 2 Ultimate includes a revolutionary ’bubble-based’ debugger (above) which allows you to step through a linked network of debug bubbles as you trace function calls while debugging.

The Amethyst license permits a single user to make multiple installations of Amethyst on one or more PCs. The software is licensed per user so a license is required for each developer. Amethyst 2 Ultimate can be installed into both VS2010 and VS2012 on a single PC.

Visually design Flash, Flex and AIR applications using the Amethyst Designer. The new ’Flash Forms’ (Flash without Flex) Designer is shown above.

Amethyst provides all the tools you would expect from a professional-quality Visual Studio development product including:

- IntelliSense
- Drill-down debugger
- Code Refactoring
- Customizable Code Formatting
- Auto-expanding Snippets
- Drag-and-Drop application design
- Align controls to ‘alignment bars’
- Align controls to a customizable grid
- Round-tripping between the Designer and Code Editor
- Import/Convert Wizard for existing Flex or Flash Builder projects
- Share code with the Flash IDE to edit and debug Flash projects with Amethyst

Amethyst 2 Ultimate includes numerous innovative features including a built-on obfuscator, C#-style conditional compilation, a profiler and memory graph (shown above) and an SWF obfuscater.

Here a project is being shared between Flash CS4 and Amethyst

Amethyst supports team development with multiple-project solutions, named build configurations, incremental compilation and integration with TeamServer. It can share a codebase with other IDEs including Flash Builder and Flex Builder to allow teams to work on a project using a mix of development tools. Amethyst imports Flash IDE (e.g. CS4/CS5) projects so that animators may continue working on timeline-based development in the Flash IDE while programmers have access to Amethyst’s advanced editor and debugger.

The Amethyst Designer, code editor and debugger are seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio. Amethyst allows you to use the familiar Visual Studio tools such as the Properties panel, the Events panel, the Alignment Toolbar, the Solution Explorer, Project and Global Property dialogs, the Task List, Go To Definition, Find All References, the Object Browser and more besides...

Use the Visual Studio debugging windows or ‘hover and drill-down’ in the code editor itself

Amethyst is available in two editions: The commercial edition, Amethyst Ultimate, and a free edition, Amethyst Personal. Amethyst Ultimate includes a full suite of professional quality tools including the Amethyst Designer, extensive code refactoring, powerful IntelliSense and a world-class debugger. Amethyst Personal provides a limited range of editing features.

When you first install Amethyst, you have access to all the Ultimate edition features for a 30 day trial period. When the trial period expires, you may buy a license to unlock the features of Amethyst Ultimate. If you do not buy a license, the software automatically degrades to Amethyst Personal.

Amethyst Ultimate has extensive refactoring including class, method and variable renaming with preview

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