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Ruby In Steel Text Edition - Overview

The complete editing solution for Ruby and Rails...

Ruby In Steel Text Edition is the ‘all in one’ solution for developing Ruby and Rails applications. It includes Visual Studio 2008 and all the tools you need...

- The All In One Solution
Includes a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 (Ruby language only), and a simple setup program to install Ruby, Rails, Visual Studio, MySQL and Ruby In Steel.

- Optimized for Coding
Ruby and Rails color coding, code folding, auto-expanding snippets, bracket and keyword matching, integrated debugger, smart code indenting, code formatting and integrated Ruby and IRB consoles.

- Highly Customizable
Change the colors or load a ready-to-run color scheme, create your own snippets with our Ruby snippet editor, toggle to full-screen editing, add new features using the integrated macro IDE.

- The Power of Visual Studio
Split screen editing, docked or tabbed windows, multi-level undo/redo, bookmarks, auto-indent, HTML editor and designer, CSS and JavaScript coloring, JavaScript IntelliSense and much more...

What Is the Difference Between The Text Edition and The Developer Edition?

The Text Edition
This is an inexpensive, all-in-one solution, optimized for coding. If you want a first class Ruby editor at a bargain price, this is the one for you. You can also use it to do ‘traditional’ Rails development by running scripts from a command prompt. It includes an integrated (Ruby-speed) debugger, a Rails setup wizard and project management within the Solution Explorer.

The Developer Edition
This has our unique ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger plus powerful IntelliSense code-completion that analyzes your code as it is written. It has all the editing features of the Text Edition plus extra Rails development tools and consoles, code navigators and context-sensitive RDOC display. This is the ultimate Ruby and Rails IDE for professional developers.

See the Feature List for more details.

See: Ruby In Steel Developer Edition Overview

- Code Coloring and Code Folding

Code coloring and folding

The code editors provide customizable coloring - even for Ruby code embedded into Rails RHTML/ERb templates. Code folding operates on classes, modules, methods, if blocks and many other constructs - including user-defined collapsible regions...

- Bracket and Keyword/end Matching

Keyword..end matching

Opening and closing brackets are highlighted. A keyboard shortcut lets you move you cursor between brackets or Ruby keyword/end pairs such as class...end and def..end.

- Snippets that auto-generate code blocks

Snippets with ‘edit points’

- Snippet Editor to let you create your own snippets without coding

Ruby and ERb Snippet editor

- Plus...
- Smart or Block indenting to auto-align align your code
- Automatic code formatting (a selected block or an entire document)
And all the editing features you would expect such as multi-level undo/redo, bookmarks, split-window editing and user definable macros.

- RHTML/ERb Editing

RHTML editing with snippets

Code collapsing, code coloring and snippets.

- Debugging

Ruby In Steel Text Edition has integrated debugging with breakpoints, watch variables and ‘drill down’ expansion of variables. Note: This is a Ruby-driven debugger and is not the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger which is exclusive to the Developer Edition.

- Customization

The environment is highly customizable. You can create your own color schemes or load up one of the ready-to-run schemes supplied with the software

- Full Screen editing

A hotkey toggles the editor to full screen mode to let you concentrate on the code...

- Easy Scripting

Open a command prompt in a selected directory whenever you need to run a script...

- Interactive Ruby Console

Interact with your Ruby program in the docked or floating Ruby console...

- Visual Studio 2008 included!

If you already own a copy of Visual Studio 2008 (standard edition or above), the Ruby In Steel Text Edition will install into your existing copy of Visual Studio. If you don’t own Visual Studio, the Text Edition will install a standalone copy of Visual Studio 2008 for Ruby In Steel. This gives you the power of Visual Studio optimized for Ruby and Rails development at no additional cost!

For more details, refer to the Feature List.

Minimum Requirements: Windows XP (service pack 2) or Vista. Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition or above is optional - if you don’t own Visual Studio 2008, Ruby In Steel will install a standalone Ruby-language edition of Visual Studio 2008.

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