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Resources for learning Amethyst

If you are new to Amethyst or to programming the Flash platform with ActionScript, make use of our help and tutorials to get up to speed...

Amethyst 2

To keep up to date with video tutorials on Amethyst 2, be sure to go to our Amethyst 2 playlist on YouTube.

Amethyst Online Tutorials

For a list of tutorial articles, see Amethyst Tutorials.

Amethyst Tutorials

Here is a list of short video tutorials guiding you through the features of Amethyst (bear in mind that some of these videos were recorded using Amethyst 1 and certain features may have changed in Amethyst 2)...

The latest tutorial: Programming games with Starling #2- a first project

These short videos provide guidance on using various specific features of Amethyst.

Recent tutorials are available in HD (high definition) format - to view them at best quality select 720 from the YouTube video status bar. Bear in mind that HD videos take longer to download. On a slow connection, try viewing as 480. You may also expand the size using the angled arrows on the YouTube video bar or expand to full screen by clicking the right-hand button. Older videos are in lower definition. For an overview of the features of Amethyst start with the Introduction To Amethyst videos:

Introduction To Amethyst

- Installing Amethyst (and its prerequisites)
- Introduction to Amethyst 1.5 (updated overview of main features)
- Brief introduction to Amethyst 1.0

Basic Tutorials

- First 5 Minutes with Amethyst - from design to debug


- Debugging an ASP .NET website with embedded Flash ( Download snippet mentioned in this tutorial )
- Debug From .NET Into ActionScript ( More information )
- Advanced ActionScript Debugging
- Debug a mixed/platform .NET/Flex application ( More information )
- Debugging Multiple SWFs Simultaneously
- Debugging ActionScript

Mobile Development

- Create An AIR Android Multi-Screen Application
- Android Development (overview)

Projects and Compilation

- Conditional Compilation for Flash and Flex
- Building and Debugging Libraries and the Flex SDK

Project Importing and Sharing with The Flash IDE

- Migrate projects from Amethyst-to-Flash IDE (and vice versa)
- Sharing Flash IDE (CS3/4/5) projects with Amethyst
- Use Flash IDE properties in Amethyst

The Code Editor

- IntelliSense in Amethyst
- ActionScript and MXML Code Editing
- ActionScript Refactoring
- Code Coloring in Amethyst
- ActionScript snippets - using and creating

The Amethyst Designer

- Visual Design: alignment, snapping, moving, sizing
- Styling Flex Applications

Game Development

- Programming games with Starling #1- getting everything installed
- Programming games with Starling #2 - a first project

WebORB integration

- Flex integration with Amethyst and WebORB

Other Features

- Code Navigation: Class View, Object Browser, Navigation Bars and more...
- Setting Amethyst’s Global Options
- Introduction To Amethyst (this is an old video that refers to a beta version)

More Videos...

For videos tutorials on Flex development and ActionScript programming in general, as well as on Ruby programming, see the SapphireSteel Software Video Tutorial Index or browse the videos on our YouTube Channel at:

Online Help & Tutorials

- For Help with the features and options available in the Amethyst IDE, view the articles in the Amethyst Help Index.

- For tutorial articles, see the Amethyst Tutorials Index.

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