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Ruby In Steel 2 Tutorials

Resources for learning Ruby In Steel

If you are new to Ruby In Steel or to programming in Ruby, make use of our help and tutorials to get up to speed...


You may install Ruby In Steel 2 into a commercial copy of Visual Studio 2010 or into a free copy of the Visual Studio Shell. This video provides an overview of the installation process:

To download the regular Ruby In Steel installer or the all-in-one installer, visit the Ruby In Steel Download page. To downoad a compatible interpreter, visit the Ruby In Steel Prerequisites page.

NOTE: Those tutorials flagged with (Ris 1) were written for version 1.x of Ruby In Steel. In most respects they should still apply to Ruby In Steel 2 but there may be minor differences in the environment and usage.

Ruby On Rails

A First Rails Project (a Blog in 5 minutes)


- Getting Started with Ruby In Steel 2 (video)


- The Ruby Editor (RiS 1)
- Ruby Code - Organizing, Annotating, Navigating (RiS 1)


- Debugging Overview (video)
- Debugging Ruby with the ’Cylon’ Debugger (RiS 1)
- Ruby Debugger Enhancements - Conditional Breakpoints, Tracepoints and more (RiS 1)
- Debugging Ruby Scripts and Utilities (RiS 1)
- Dynamic Debugging In Ruby (RiS 1)
- How To Debug Ruby Inside ERb/RHTML (RiS 1)


Tutorial resources for programming Ruby are listed in the Ruby Programming Section.

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