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SapphireSteel Software is the developer of the Steel IDE for programming Ruby and Flex in Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

Company Information

Founded by Dermot Hogan and Huw Collingbourne in 2006, SapphireSteel Software is a division of Dark Neon Ltd., a software development and consultancy company.

Dermot Hogan :: Chief Architect

Dermot has twenty years experience as a senior software developer in the financial industry. He has programmed his way through many of the world’s computer languages, starting with BCPL and Algol68, meandering through C, C++ and C# before finally arriving at Ruby and Flex. Dermot is the Chief Architect of SapphireSteel Software’s Visual Studio IDEs.

Dermot holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Huw Collingbourne :: Technology Director

Huw is a programmer, technology writer and columnist. He has written tutorials on programming languages ranging from Delphi and Java to C# and Smalltalk. He is author of the free Little Book Of Ruby and is the editor the online computing magazine, Bitwise. Huw is involved in the design, programming and documentation of the Ruby In Steel and Amethyst IDEs with particular emphasis on the visual interface tools.

Huw has an MA in English from the University of Cambridge.

To contact us please use the Sapphire In Steel Contact Page.

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