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Ruby In Steel provides syntax sensitive coloring for Ruby (.rb) and Rails template (.rhtml) files. In Ruby source files. The following global coloring options assigned in Visual Studio are used when appropriate: Strings, Comments, Numbers, Keywords, Identifiers and Text.

There are additional Ruby-specific coloring options. Rails template files (.rhtml) have their own coloring options for HTML tags (the global Visual Studio HTML colors are not used) while embedded Ruby in .rhtml files adopts your selected Ruby-specific colors. All colors can be set in the Options dialog (Environment, Fonts and Colors) available from the Tools menu. These are the Ruby and Rails-specific options:

Ruby Brace colors of ( ), { } and [ ]
Ruby Class Definition colors of class name declarations (e.g. class MyClass)
Ruby Class Variable colors of class variable
Ruby Constant colors of Constant names
Ruby Global Variable colors of Global variables
Ruby Instance Variable colors of Instance variables
Ruby Method Call colors of Method name reference (e.g. aMeth)
Ruby Method Definition colors of Method name declarations (e.g. def aMeth)
Ruby Module Definition colors of Module name declarations
Ruby Regular Expression colors Regular Expressions
Ruby Symbol colors of symbols such as :mysymbol
Rails Serverside Script colors of <% <%= and %> tags
Rails Tag Delimiter colors of Rails tag delimiters
Rails Attribute Name colors of HTML attributes such as width or bgcolor
Rails Attribute Value colors values of HTML attributes
Rails Element Name colors of HTML elements such as <td> or <head>
Rails Entity color elements such as &nbsp;

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