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Code Coloring
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Ruby In Steel provides customisable syntax-sensitive code coloring for Ruby and Rails file.

Ruby (.rb) Code Coloring

Ruby In Steel colors many different language elements including data types such as strings and integers and Ruby-specific language elements such as: Braces, Classes, Constants, Class Variables, Global Variables, Instance Variables, Literals, Methods, Modules and Symbols.

Rails Template (.rhtml) Code Coloring

Rails Templates may contain a mix of HTML and Ruby embedded code. The Ruby code adopts your selected Ruby coloring options. It also provides a number of HTML coloring options.

You can set code coloring in the Options dialog (select the Tools menu, then Options).  The Ruby options all begin with the word Ruby; the Rails options begin with the word Rails. Other options (strings, integers, brace-matching, breakpoint etc.) are set globally for all installed languages. For full details of the Ruby and Rails coloring options, see: Code Color Options.

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