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File Properties
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You can select a file in the Solution Explorer and set its properties in the Properties panel. These properties can be used to configure certain operations affecting the way in which the file will be run or built. The available properties are shown below: 

Property Description
Arguments Arguments to pass to your program
BuildAction How to build/run this file
Flags Flags to pass to Ruby.exe such as –help -w or --version
Load Paths Specify $LOAD_PATH; this is a semicolon delimited list (equivalent to the –I flag)
Require Files a semicolon delimited list of required files (equivalent to the –r flag)
Working Directory The directory in which the Ruby file will run


The default BuildAction for Ruby (.rb) files is Ruby; and for Rails template (.rhtml) files it is EmbeddedRuby. For other file types it may be None or Content. You may change these build actions as required. These are the build actions available:

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