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Member Completion Lists
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Member completion lists are drop-down lists showing the available methods, modules and classes which may be used after a completion character is entered into the code editor.

A completion character may be either a single dot ( . )or a double colon ( :: ) as dictated by Ruby syntax. Where embedded documentation is provided (in the form of RDoc comments in the source code), this documentation is displayed as a tooltip when an item is selected in the completion list.

member completion list

Ruby In Steel tries to infer the type and determine the scope of an identifier in order to display the appropriate completion list. However, bear in mind that Ruby is a dynamic language and the formal types of identifiers are not predeclared so it may often be impossible for Ruby In Steel to 'guess' the type of some variables. When a specific type cannot be inferred, the completion list defaults to members of the Object class. You may, however, specifically assert that a certain type should be assumed in order to generate better IntelliSense. Refer to the section on Type Assertions for more information.

Note:  Member Completion Lists show the methods of a specific class and those of its ancestor classes. This means that every object shows at least the methods of the Ruby Object class. Optionally you may turn off the display of Object methods in order to restrict the completion lists to the members of more specific classes. The Display Object Methods option can be set in the Text Editor, Ruby, IntelliSense page of the Options dialog.

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