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Ruby In Steel provides access to two different debuggers:

  1. The 'Cylon' Debugger
  2. The Ruby Debugger

The Cylon Debugger is selected by default. The Cylon Debugger is very much faster than the Ruby debugger. Both debuggers can be used to debug either plain Ruby or Rails applications. They do not debug Ruby threads, however, and if you wish to debug Rails applications WEBrick is not the optimal choice (we recommend the LightTPD server).

The Debugger is selected in the Options dialog (Tools, Options, Projects and Solutions, Ruby In Steel). Check 'Use the fast Cylon debugger' to use Cylon. Uncheck this option to use the Ruby debugger.

If you are using WEBrick, you may specify a port in the Options dialog. See: Ruby and Database Paths, Scripts and Debugger

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