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The Book Of Ruby

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The Book Of Ruby is written by Huw Collingbourne - one of the developers of the Ruby In Steel IDE.

Note: The Book Of Ruby is available in paperback from No Starch Press. This edition of The Book Of Ruby has been substantially rewritten and includes coverage of Ruby 1.9 as well as Ruby 1.8. It also covers Rails 3 in addition to Rails 2.
Download the code archive for the revised paperback edition of The Book Of Ruby from No Starch Press:

- Buy the paperback Book Of Ruby from Amazon (US)
- Buy the paperback Book Of Ruby from Amazon (UK)

Note: If you prefer to learn Ruby interactively, you may be interested in my two Ruby programming video courses available on Udemy. These are:

- Ruby Programming For Beginners

This is an entry level course for complete beginners or programmers with no previous knowledge of Ruby.

- Expert Ruby Programming - ten steps to mastery

This is a more advanced course, based on The Book Of Ruby, that aims to take your Ruby skills to a higher level.

The Book Of Ruby (free edition) is a free tutorial to the Ruby language. It contains 425 pages in 20 chapters. It is provided in the form of a PDF document in which each chapter is accompanied by ready-to-run source code for all the examples. There is also an Introduction which explains how to use the source code in Ruby In Steel or any other editor/IDE of your choice plus appendices and an index.

Permissions: You may copy or distribute the text and programs of The Book Of Ruby (free edition) but you may not modify them without prior consent of the author nor may you distribute the eBook in any form other than that in which it is provided. You may not print the text for redistribution. You may, however, print the chapters for your own personal use. In no circumstances may you make a charge for The Book Of Ruby or for any of its component parts.

The Book of Ruby is Copyright 2009 Huw Collingbourne.

The Little Book Of Ruby: Note that The Book Of Ruby is an in-depth guide to Ruby. For a much simpler guide to the principal features of the Ruby language, we also have the free eBook, The Little Book Of Ruby.


The zip file contains The Book Of Ruby (free edition) plus all source code.


NOTE: This program in this archive can be used with any editor or IDE. For the convenience of Ruby In Steel users, it also includes a Ruby In Steel 1 Solution for Visual Studio 2008. To convert it for Ruby In Steel 2, select File/New. Select Ruby In Steel Project Importer. Choose Convert in original location. Then pick the Book Of Ruby directory when converting. Alternatively, download the updated Ruby In Steel 2 compatible archive that accompanies the paperback Book Of Ruby:

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